Summary energetic project Earth (English version)

In the period September through December 2017, Ernst and I (Vera) have been working on an energetic project for Mother Earth. This led to four major octahedrons and associated vortexes in the Netherlands and Germany. Multidimensionally, the sacred geometrical forms will be further developed by the Arcturians into an energetically intelligent and holographic system that can be used by the earth to heal, protect and support itself in its development and transition to the fifth dimension (the New Earth). We closed the project with a transfer, through which Mother Earth – with the help of Arcturians and Earth spirits – can further form an energetic grid of octahedrons and vortices around the earth.

The preparations for the project started earlier. Probably we were prepared years earlier by our Higher Self and our guides for our new mission with accompanying skills and increasing energy. Required qualities that we have brought from Home have been increased. An important reason for the accelerated execution of this mission was a compelling message in May of that year by Steve Rother about the exhaustion of the current form of the earth.

We did not perform this alone, but together with our Higher Self, our team of Spirits, Arcturians, Earth spirits, and people who sometimes unconsciously cooperated through their Higher Self. Together we formed a large team with equal team members. That is how co-creation works in the fifth dimension! Ernst is mainly channel, energetic healer and controls the vortex mastery. Vera has a more supporting role, channels and reinforces the energy. We are both a connecting link in the universe between people, earth and spirits. Spirits who are here to support us, humanity and the earth in this ascension. In addition, Margo (healer, channel and pyramid energy worker) usually went with us on location and supported us energetically. Our role – as a human being – was also initiating. Spirits only come into action when we ask them!

We received the information and locations from our spirits. We realized that we would start in Germany. We also received information about working with crystals, elements, gestures and sound (flute, shaman drum and singing) for the rituals. As we progressed through the project, we learned about new possibilities and forces and our energy adjusted. For example, at the very first octahedron, we visited all four vertices to make the relevant vortexes. With the following octahedrons, however, we were able to make four vortexes at a distance from the center at once and send them to the right place. Our healing and seeing forces from ancient Atlantis, Egypt and who knows from where else, increased. Ernst could adjust from a distance the frequency and intensity after placing a octahedron. Gradually the earth learned how to do this herself and the earth learned even more how to work with the energy of the octahedron.

An octahedron is a simple but powerful double pyramid form to connect dimensions together, to transmute old energy and to place the 5D energy of the new earth.

A vortex is a powerful circular swirling energetic movement to a left or a right direction. One direction is meant to release and clean up old energy. The other direction is usually intended to allow new energy flow to be charged.

An extra ritual with a lemniscate (infinity symbol) meant that we could invite old opposing 3D forces to transform via water and thus make a step-up to the new 5D energy. This ritual we called “hamelen” to the place in the octahedron where we performed this ritual for the first time and to the story of the “Pied Piper of Hameln”. In the subsequent three octahedrons, this ritual was then carried out as a standard procedure.

We also made a “wall of love” in all octahedrons, where we connected ourselves with all spirits and let love flow from the center like circles in the water to all edges.

Before we would transfer the information about the copying of the octahedrons to the earth, the “hamelen” followed again. There was so much ‘manpower’ to spirits that we could handle it in a grand way. It would work worldwide this time! The “hamelen” was not in the original plan, but this whole plan was not even planned in our current lifetimes …

For the transfer we went to the place at Bottrop where we had been before for the vortices. This point was the western point of the octahedron of Paderborn and now the center of the four placed octahedrons. From here the earth itself can copy the octahedrons and the Arcturians can copy vortexes to the desired places.

After completing these two procedures, we had finished with this project. Mother Earth can call in our help if necessary.

Web log messages (in Dutch)

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